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Penguin Update Effectivness

You may be wondering how to handle some of the recent updates such as Panda and Penguin and whatever other black-and-white animal updates (Is the Zebra algorithm, next?) Google decides to throw at us website owners.

Here's the basic answer:  LINKS STILL WORK.  And they work well.  If links did not work, Google would not be so concerned about the effectiveness of them.  Also, if Google banned every single person they thought were buying links then you could just point a bunch of links to every competitor ahead of you, get them all banned and move to #1.  It just doesn't work that way.

Now, with that being said, Google is getting "smarter" about link profiling.  For instance, let's say you have a site about car insurance quotes.  Before these recent updates, you could just create the anchor text for 'car insurance quotes' and point a bunch of links to that anchor text and your rankings would typically rise over time (obviously this is a little over-simplified because there are hundreds of factors in Google's algorithm like content, the age of your domain, your title tags, etc. but you get the idea).  What's happening now is that Google is also comparing these anchors relative to other anchors that your site is linked to.  So if you have 1000 links with the anchor text 'car insurance quotes' and no other anchors or just anchors with other similar terms like 'car quotes', that looks very unnatural and typically Google will no longer count all 1000 links.  They may only count a few hundred of those links now instead of 1000.  This is why rankings have dropped
 for some people not because the site got banned or penalized.  It was simply over-optimized and Google is readjusting for that over-optimization by discounting links they think are out of whack.

So how do you determine what anchors Google is counting on your site?  You can use a variety of tools including Google Webmaster Tools but we use a site called AHREFS to view the "Anchors" for our sites and for our competitor's sites. There are other tools too but this is the one I  prefer.  I advise clients not to just optimize for terms like 'car insurance quotes' but to also sprinkle in more "natural" terms like 'click here', 'visit this website' and branding terms like 'Your Company Name' and ''.  These can prevent you from over-optimizing your site and getting your links discounted by Google.  They look "natural" because that's the way most bloggers or forum posts would link to your site if they were writing an article or post about you and your products.  Also, by using a tool like AHREFS, you can also view the anchors of the top sites on Google and try to match your link profile to their link profile.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Role of SEOCOPYWRITING in Online Promotion

In today’s competitive online business promotion, SEO copywriting plays a very important role in increasing the visibility of business. To be a good copywriter you have to combine genuine interest in the product with marketing and technical savvy. SEO copywriting is a technique of writing the text that is viewable on the webpage in such a way that it attracts the surfer. The website is visited by different users around the world, so it is necessary that the language should be simple, effective and informative. SEO Copywriting traditionally optimizes web page copy by targeting keywords phrases. Keywords need to be blended in the content but there should not be keyword stuffing in the content or else it may harm the quality of the content. Its main aim is to rank high in the search engines for the targeted search terms. Good information rich copy is very important for the client’s product marketing. Copywriting also optimizes other on-page aspects such as Title, Description, Keywords tag, Headings and alt text.  The main purpose of SEO Copywriting is to play a leading role in the marketing campaign of a website. The main objectives of SEO Copywriting are:
  • The copy should be search engine friendly. As search engines focus on good quality content and give importance to websites with rich content.
  • There should be a proper structure of the copy. The content should be in order that will help the visitor to understand.
  • Making it compatible to both the visitors and the search engines.
The content of the copywriting should be eye catchy and should be able to convey the message of an organization to the target audience. Search engines always give preference to website that show genuine content and blacklist those that use additional pages or “doorway pages”. Such doorway pages are solely used for getting higher search engine rankings. Search engine looks for good quality, original website content and indexing pages. There are freelance copywriters who hire out their services solely to SEO, agencies or firms who specialize in SEO.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Localization Vs Personalization

In last few days my company was recruiting some Senior SEO’s, one of candidate resume influence our Board of Director team and was called for interview, candidate was quite influential and had great vocab knowledge, but all influence ended when candidate was asked a simple Basic term of SEO that was “What is Localization and Personalization ?
Candidate was blank for few seconds than interpreted few words related to localization reason may be that “localization” word itself contains Local word which sound easy for anyone to analysis what it was related to.
So here comes reason for foretelling story and writing this blog and explain basic concept of Localization and Personalization terms in SEO.
Localization itself contain word Local that interprets search result related to local area where you live or you search keywords like “Website Design in Cleveland” Or “Cleveland Web Development” so result generated by search engine are local result like Google places listing of Local Company or Company which had used Cleveland word in their content or Title OR Search Engine may also identify your IP and just indulge you Local database of company located near your geographic area.

Next term in sequence of blog is Personalization result which search engine provide related to your search , here you all must have little bit doubt that how could search engine provide you with your personal result , a simple criteria behind your personal result is that when you are sign in and just search any basic term Google make a database of your web history,  where as in future if you again search for same term and you are login in your account that it would generate database of site which you already had visited before so such result which are not generated organically but on basis of your web history are personalized result.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Hat Techniques: A Boon In Disguise

The process of trying to cheat yourself into the top of the Google search is considered as “Black Hat SEO” technique. Now-a-days, SEO has become the order of the day. Most of the organizations are hiring SEO experts to promote their websites. There are some practitioners who use Black Hat SEO Techniques.

Black Hat SEO Techniques are those that are aimed at increasing the visibility of the website over the search engine by illegitimately trying to increase the rankings of their websites and breaking the rules and regulations of the search engine.

These Black Hat SEO practices will actually provide short term gains in terms of rankings, but if you are discovered utilizing these spammy techniques on your websites, you run the risk of being penalized by search engines. The websites that are caught using these black hat techniques are delisted from the Google listings.

Some of the common black hat techniques that one should avoid are: Keyword stuffing wherein the practitioners pack long lists of keywords on their sites, this will get them penalized by search engines.

Another black hat technique is making text invisible i.e. putting text on a white background with text in white, with a hope of attracting search engine spiders.

Another widely practiced black hat SEO technique is doorway pages. Doorway page is basically a “fake page” not meant for the users to see but only for spiders to crawl and index the site higher.

Black hat techniques are tempting because these techniques do work temporarily in getting higher page ranks/ search rankings. These are only until the sites get banned for using unethical practices.

Thus one should avoid using black hat techniques and save themselves from being penalized by search engines. The search engines can even ban their websites from the search engine results. The practitioners must provide the users with real and authentic information over their websites.