Friday, July 24, 2009

What went wrong with twitter?

After a successful and ongoing success stories by the, one day suddenly “Hacker Croll” was able to get through the confidential records of twitter and the highly sensitive information of the company was publicized by him, he provided almost 310 confidential records of the twitter to the “techcrunch” which included the passwords of the several twitter employees and the forecasting done by the twitter about his future earnings through the current growth rate of, within a few months twitter has gained the auspicious Google Page rank of 9 which indicated the increasing use of twitter by the teens.

What HC provided about the twitter plans shows that Twitter by the end of 2010 twitter it will cross the $140 million mark in revenue and $1.54 billion by 2013, but twitter rejects all the acquisitions saying that no confidentiality of the twitter accounts have been compromised and said all these information were not classified and denies about any such plans.

Hacker Croll started with the Gmail accounts of the employees and then used the security question as a tool to break into the Gmail accounts, resetting the password checked the Gmail of the employee and resetting the same password getting email account unnoticed by the original user, using the same username and password for the twitter and getting access to the classified information of the company. He said their password were that easy to guess as they chossed password as a password for their accounts, he at last got access to the domain page on of the twitter.

He could have easily sold that classified information for his profit and would have been unnoticed and could have affected the twitter organization a lot when asked to him y not he replied that he actually wanted to show the loop holes in the security of the twitter accounts and the measures that haven’t been taken to secure them.

Twitter was actually not prepared for so much response from the users and the security part was left unnoticed by them, but still after this event twitter will surely do something to improve his security and to provide users with more privacy as it has to go on a long run.

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