Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Hat Techniques: A Boon In Disguise

The process of trying to cheat yourself into the top of the Google search is considered as “Black Hat SEO” technique. Now-a-days, SEO has become the order of the day. Most of the organizations are hiring SEO experts to promote their websites. There are some practitioners who use Black Hat SEO Techniques.

Black Hat SEO Techniques are those that are aimed at increasing the visibility of the website over the search engine by illegitimately trying to increase the rankings of their websites and breaking the rules and regulations of the search engine.

These Black Hat SEO practices will actually provide short term gains in terms of rankings, but if you are discovered utilizing these spammy techniques on your websites, you run the risk of being penalized by search engines. The websites that are caught using these black hat techniques are delisted from the Google listings.

Some of the common black hat techniques that one should avoid are: Keyword stuffing wherein the practitioners pack long lists of keywords on their sites, this will get them penalized by search engines.

Another black hat technique is making text invisible i.e. putting text on a white background with text in white, with a hope of attracting search engine spiders.

Another widely practiced black hat SEO technique is doorway pages. Doorway page is basically a “fake page” not meant for the users to see but only for spiders to crawl and index the site higher.

Black hat techniques are tempting because these techniques do work temporarily in getting higher page ranks/ search rankings. These are only until the sites get banned for using unethical practices.

Thus one should avoid using black hat techniques and save themselves from being penalized by search engines. The search engines can even ban their websites from the search engine results. The practitioners must provide the users with real and authentic information over their websites.


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