Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facebook V/s MySpace and Orkut

The intensity of the war to win the GenNext hearts between Facebook and Orkut and MySpace has reached a decisive stage now.

Facebook was never a social media giant like Orkut was in India till last year. But there has been reported a sudden increase in Facebook growth, however, Orkut has reported a steep decline in the popularity graph.

Also, the unique visitors to MySpace are dropping gradually where the number of visitors to Facebook and YouTube has an even increase.

MySpace has found to struggle to retain its position in the online network for social media however, even without comparisons, MySpace traffic fell 6.73% last month according to Compete and a total of 22% over the last three months according to Alexa measurements.

On the other hand, Orkut has been struggling for its identity that it held some months ago by adding different applications and new features, which due to some reasons, that seem to have failed to woo the Orkut users. Although Orkut had its majority followers in Brazil and India but, the site with more professional look i.e. Facebook suddenly took over these area. Facebook counts to a 8 fold growth in its unique visitors than Orkut in Brazil and the users of Facebook has equaled to the users of Orkut in India.

It is clear from all these stats that Facebook leads social media network by overcoming challenges that it faced by the growth of MySpace and Orkut.

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