Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Google Caffeine: a complete restructuring of search engines

Google announced the initiation of Google Caffeine on the start of June 2010. Google caffeine is much better at indexing content on World Wide Web. The initiation of Google Caffeine has had a considerable effect of about moderate to severe drop of traffic to many sites.

Earlier it was quite uncertain how long will it take for Google to index pages which may range from may be weeks to months of indexing. After the advent of Google Caffeine the old pages will however be still accessible and remain listed. This in turn gave page traffic even if the page no longer existed.

Earlier Google had several layers procedure to index pages. Refreshing for a page meant refreshing the entire web and this added to uncertainty of providing ranking to pages. Google Caffeine is a dynamic concept where the web will be updated in small parts and regular updates to entire web shall regularise the working of ranking procedure.

Google Caffeine focuses on fresh content, merged with the search engine’s previous aim of relevance.

Google Caffeine focuses on fresh content, merged with the search engine’s previous aim of relevance.

SEO has a tough competition now. Google Caffeine provides fast and regular indexing due to which the content, even a week older, no more remains fresh. This leads to quick replacement in the SERP’s with the competitor ranking. Hence any page content that is recently updated is likely to get better rank and place on web rather than the older page content.

Link building has been a constant technique that has helped in Google ranking. Hence, linking to fresh content is more viable and attracts the attention of the search engine to index the page. Hence, linking and building regular new content has more emphasis to get better search engine links. Good linking and fresh content can provide ranking within 32 hours of content post.

With the Google Caffeine update, fresh content added to your site is imperative, along with relevant links to the new content. It’s no longer a choice if your site is going to stay high in the rankings for non-branded terms. Maintenance of ranking should be your priority.

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