Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to optimize your site on social media?

Social media optimization is done for the following categories:

  1. Social media sites
  2. Social media dashboards
  3. Social media benchmarking
  4. Microblogging

Social media sites include Facebook, Linkedin mainly. Orkut and Myspace optimization are not considered much these days. MySpace and Orkut lost their race against the speeding time. The look of profiles, lack of applications and lack of innovations lead to the decline in the popularity of MySpace and Orkut.

Social media Dashboards like Ping.fm and Hootsuite.com are sites that provide easy updates. Such sites have provided a general feature to connect all the social networks together to one dashboard and send distributed messages to all. The connectivity includes social media sites and microblogs.

Social bookmarking aites are like paper bookmarks to websites that are analogous to the pages of book, here internet. One can register its website on the social book marking site. The website should be registered for certain interest/ categories so that users that specifically look for the particular category, your website can be displayed. Stumbleupon.com, Digg, Delicious etc. are some of the well-known social bookmarking sites.

Microblogging sites became famous some days ago. The Tweets from twitter were so common to talk about. Blogs can be written for certain topic or people describe their daily routines in blogs. However, microblogging was rather simpler way of blogging. It allowed only limited text to enter. Texting in single line or rather micro texting became a fad. Twitter got its recognition and is tagged as the leader of microblogging on the web. Other sites include Hellotxt, Pownce etc. who still remain unfamiliar to the world.

There are many sites under such categories that do exist on the World Wide Web but rarely seen to have universal recognition. Many social networks like Hi5, BigAdda etc. are common to Indians. Foursquare is another social network that is emerging its popularity and is universally regional. That means one can detail on the region he/she is located to people on the networks present universally. Foursquare analyzes on the location landmarks and registers them on its regional map. Your continous presence on Foursqaure can win you many recognitions and Badges.

Optimizing one’s site on Social Media needs excessive planning as to where to target. If you are in a business of regular updates and promotions, microblogs are the best places where you can optimize your self. Developing networks and fans, to promote and update details: Facebook and Linkedin is what suits you. Social bookmarking for blogs and topics of common interest is better.

Social media is quite friendly and is recorded as a better place to attract target customers. It has been predicted that social media in 2011 will be the second most important way of Website optimization. Majority people on Web trust the mouth to mouth publicity that is easy through the social media sites rather than the Google Ads and promotions.

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