Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top five SEO points to remember

1. Social Networking.

In this era of web2.0, many bloggers and site managers’ do not focus on the existence and importance of social networking, which is the most talked topic of the day. It is necessary for a site to optimize itself on the social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Build a fan page on the Facebook, Tweet your daily updates and publications on twitter will help build a big fan base or in other words followers.

2. Article Submission:

Similar to social networking article submission is another most important part of Off-page SEO for your site or for your blog. Find out a list of best ranked article submission sites and submit a article relating to your website. Ezinearticles.com is known to be a a very good site for article submission.

3. Directory Submission:

Submitting your site for a directory is important. Directory submission helps you gain ranking and get relevant and good links that help you build authenticity and relevancy from the view of search engine crawlers. The search engine crawlers do look into the quantity as well as the quality of back links that you get. The back linking may be out-bound or in-bound, natural or reciprocal links.

4. Optimize your content:

Optimizing your content on regular basis is extremely important as content matters a lot. Rich content carrying correctly defined keywords at measurable quantity enhances search engine crawling for the keyword. You should check your search engine rankings every few weeks to see where you stand and continually look at ways you can rank higher by including new keywords and strengthening your current keywords

5. Participate in Off-Page forum posting:

Forum posting helps link dropping and gather followers that seek information. Regular forum posting, answering questions shall lead to bring in more and more traffic to your site from different IP addresses. This will also help in build strong relevancy and if the Bounce rate remains low then the chances to get better ranking for your website increases.

The above mentioned 5 points are most important and must be carried on carefully to increase the quality of website gradually and with proper white hat techniques

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