Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What to Avoid on Social networking sites

Some points to avoid while promoting yourself on the social media sites:

  1. Do not defence any comment or argument about you or any of your article or post. Leave that for your faithful readers and followers. If you do the same it shows how defensive and aggressive you are.
  2. Tweeting and posting links to your blog or facebook profile is lame self promotion by you only. Bragging all the time about you isn’t a good thing to do. Try adding to a quality discussion, or may be put up some interactive posts or events that depicts a part of you but not direct bragging. Treat social networks as a table full of friends, sharing and contributing vice versa with them.
  3. The quality mattes and not quantity. Following or bringing thousands of people to like your post or follow you on twitter may be a good idea to promote. But if maximum population following you has no interest in you or let’s say are not at all related to you then it is no use to you and them at the same time. It’s better to have just 10 faithful followers who are genuinely interested in you rather than having 1000s of followers who don’t want to return back to you. Also, the same goes for posts that you publish. Quality posts let them be one or two a day shall attract more fans rather than 5-6 boring posts that have nothing to do with your originality.
  4. Do not force people to like or comment on your post consistently. Fans shall do that on their own. They do not like anyone bugging them continuously for such petty things. Your job is to post interesting things on you wall or dashboard and they will do their job of enhancing the posts presence.
  5. Use social networking tools and read daily updates about social networking sites. But excessive use of tools and continuous irrelevant updates may irritate the reader. Updates should be done with precise content and at regular intervals.


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