Friday, August 5, 2011

Localization Vs Personalization

In last few days my company was recruiting some Senior SEO’s, one of candidate resume influence our Board of Director team and was called for interview, candidate was quite influential and had great vocab knowledge, but all influence ended when candidate was asked a simple Basic term of SEO that was “What is Localization and Personalization ?
Candidate was blank for few seconds than interpreted few words related to localization reason may be that “localization” word itself contains Local word which sound easy for anyone to analysis what it was related to.
So here comes reason for foretelling story and writing this blog and explain basic concept of Localization and Personalization terms in SEO.
Localization itself contain word Local that interprets search result related to local area where you live or you search keywords like “Website Design in Cleveland” Or “Cleveland Web Development” so result generated by search engine are local result like Google places listing of Local Company or Company which had used Cleveland word in their content or Title OR Search Engine may also identify your IP and just indulge you Local database of company located near your geographic area.

Next term in sequence of blog is Personalization result which search engine provide related to your search , here you all must have little bit doubt that how could search engine provide you with your personal result , a simple criteria behind your personal result is that when you are sign in and just search any basic term Google make a database of your web history,  where as in future if you again search for same term and you are login in your account that it would generate database of site which you already had visited before so such result which are not generated organically but on basis of your web history are personalized result.